Come and play

Green Country Polo has 2 USPA size fields, which makes us the perfect place to host your next match, tournament or even just a practice. In addition, we have over 10 acres of grazing paddocks. If you have an opponent in mind and need a place to meet or you want a matchmaker to help you test your team’s mettle against new competition, contact us. We’ll be happy to serve you.


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Come for a match, stay for the summer

Northeastern Oklahoma is a haven for horse culture, and not just for cowboys and ranchers. Some of the finest Arabians in the world come through Tulsa each year, and we know how to treat you, your team, and your equestrian friends with class.

Tulsa is well suited to accommodate your work and play. Economic conditions are highly favorable to set up a field office to further your business development while you oversee your team’s development. You will be surprised at how much farther your office leasing or real property investment will go compared to those of most major cities.

Experience the best of both worlds

Green Country Polo Club is the newest polo ground in the US, which means we have top-notch facilities at the very beginning of their life cycle. We also have a population that is unfamiliar with the sport, but they are primed to learn. It’s not often you get an opportunity to expand the sport and display the majesty of your teams to new audiences.


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Where are we?

Green Country Polo

20600 S Sheridan Road
Mounds, OK 74047